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Out of over 700 images, 151 design entries, 69 style entries, over 30 designers and over 30 stylists, from both established designers and those at top design schools, both Muslim and those of other backgrounds, here are the finalists

Sarah Musa
# 100, 102
Thea Matos and Lauren Graebner, OSU
# 110
Nawal Hassouneh, Asfurah
# 116, 118, 126
Melanie Elturk, Haute Hijab
# 137
Yasmene Badereldin
# 148, 154



This outfit was inspired by two things: American minimalism and activewear. I had chosen white as my color inspiration because it is the marriage and rebirth of the American and Islamic fashion aesthetic.

109 110111 112 113 114 x x 115111b 112b 113b 114b 115b111c 112c 113c 114c 115c116

40’s inspired dress–This lightweight cotton dress flairs past the waist. It’s navy blue and has little white pinstripes in the fabric. There is a slight puff at the fore-arm of the sleeve. Also little fabric buttons run down the back. This is worn with light beige khakis and cute wedges. as well as a tan belt and large tan summer hat. Its an all-American design inspired by the 1940’s!


Hipster chic–Inspired by Nor-Cal hipster fashion, this outfit is: A baggy, harem style pant made out of almost a dark khaki material. With a blue cotton shirt tucked in. The duster is a long chiffon duster and the hijab is wrapped over a large bun and a neckscarf to cover. Add lofers, an orange belt and she’s ready to go.


Winter in Aspen–A three piece outfit: A long chiffon and lined shirt that is longer in the back then the front and then a faux fur vest on top. And then deep grey-green pants. With greenish wedge boots. The hijab is wrapped once around the head then once around the neck then is tucked in the shirt. There is a beaded headband that goes across where the under piece is.  The chains around the neck is actually sweater material rolled into chain links and connected like a chain and worn around the neck. Top it off with warm fur gloves!


The bold and bling outfit–This toruquise long shirt is short in the front and long in the back and is make out of a chiffon and lining. the stripe skirt adds a sharp contrast. The hijab steps outside the box with its large lace covered bling along the edge.


The peplum dress–Peplum dresses are in. This is a one piece peplum dress in navy blue with a squared off shoulder and bling detail on the shoulder. The hijab is wrapped normally however it has a unique head piece (which is actually a neck detail).


Tweed couture–This is a winter outfit with a mid-waist cropped tweed shirt on top of a maroon shirt. The shirt is tucked in a maroon and black skirt that has a draping style on both sides of the skirt. Topped with a brown belt. The hijab is wrapped around the neck and then a fur neck cuff around that.


Yellow peplum dress123

Stripes and flowers–This one i already had made and sell. The hijab is a original: it’s a pink hijab with a choker neck bow that goes to the back of the neck. The skirt is a high-waisted floral material. The shirt is a loose black blouse.


Stripes n high waisted skirt125

Benefit dinner dress–This is a one piece dress, with a chiffon peacock patterned bottom, and polyester top. topped with a belt. There are two hijabs a slip on black one then a draped purple one, that flows on the side and ends are pinned together.


Retro 20s–This is all americana inspired by the 1920s. The skirt is high waisted and made of a silky tan pleated material .  The jacket has a fur collar and the hijab is maroon and has a pearl beading and is topped off with a bowler hat. Worn with a pearl necklace.


The Seinna skirt and shirt–This is a highwaisted brown skirt and a cheveron burnt orange and tan puffy blouse. It has a boho feel to it. The hijab is wrapped around the hair once then around the neck once. Then tucked under the shirt.


refreshing summer129

Peach&beige Skirt and shirt130

The comfort chic dress–This Dark grey dress is both comfortable and elegant. The material is a rayon, cotton, polyester blend and the pleats a cotton. The hijab is a white wrap.
131 132

pearl encrusted collar dress




Blue Lace dress–This teal dress is a one piece dress that has a cream laced bodice and a flowy bottom. The sleeves puff at the forearm. The mustard hijab is tied to the back then wrapped around the neck and a laced headband tops it off.


Grand Floral Ball Skirt


Jade Green Tulip Skirt


Polished Peplum Skirt


Retro Lady Shirtdress


The Working Girl

140 141 142 143 144140a 141a 142a145146147

My interpretation of the American Hijab uses the popular American design motifs of an exaggerated bow, abstract cuffs, uneven pleating, and asymmetrical cut-outs and fabric panelling to give the Hijab an American flair while maintaing traditions of modesty. The fabric from the neck covering forms the bow as one continuos piece layered on top of a contrasting head covering.  My color palette and fabrication evokes a very unencumbered and light feeling in opposition to the very heavy and dark fabrics of traditional garments. This Hijab will allow the wearer to embrace the forefront of american high-fashion, while providing  her the confidence that she is stylish and beautiful and able to maintain important values.

148149150151 152153 154155 156157158159160 161

162163164 165 166167 168169170

Wide legged Pallazo pant set with animal print winged top at sides and sleeve. Animal print scarf to conceal the neck, hair and ears with a fly floppy hat!171172

4piece skirt set, rose pucker knit in creme and gold, flair skirt, swing top with cuffed sleeve,  elastic at waist for definition, sash and matching hat.173

4 piece pant set with peplum top, wide legged pants matching sash and head wrap.174

Wide leg Pallazo pant set with silver n white tunic with high low hemline, flare sleeves and matching head wrap and square hijab to conceal the hair, neck, and ears.


Crepe Back Satin And black and copper Mesh rossette dress with a dropped waiste copper belt and contrasting sleeves, partially lined bottom portion of dress and bottom portion of sleeves. Black and copper 2 pc hijab.176

4 piece color block skirt set. Silver and Gold Skirt, ruffle shawl, swing top with ruffle sleeve and matching hat.177178179179a180181182182a 183b 184a 185a 186a187a183183a184185186187188Long hooded tunic worn with hand printed silk jacket and palazzo pants. The hood may be worn with different hats and wraps or pinned for more coverage.

188a189189a189b190191191a192193194195195a196197198199200201202203204205206207208208a209210 211 212 213214 215216 217218 219 220221 222223224225226227228229230 231

I believe that fashion is a way to express yourself and every girl should be able to look and feel fabulous while adhering to their beliefs. The two designs I submitted are inspired by french couture. I wanted the looks to be chic and elegant while versatile as well.
The first design on the right features a casual day or night outfit. The pleated chiffon pants are a tan beige color and the light fabric allows for comfort and movement. Over a simple long sleeved shirt, I have layered a light burgundy overcoat. This coat is embroidered with classic gold beading on the shoulders to give volume and lift. The buttons also add interest. The collar leads to a simple yet innovative hijab that plays on the features of the outfit. It is pulled back into a pretty bow and acts as a way of accessorizing the hair.
The second design is a formal party dress for an evening out or even a bridal event. The top of the dress features miniscule flowers that are stitched and embroidered across the arms and chest. The rest of the dress accentuates and silhouettes the body in a way that is not revealing to the figure but still provides a very feminine look. The fabric is soft and airy and light sparkle and interest is added with scattered gold embroidery on the bottom of the dress. Her scarf is reminiscent of the millinery trends of Europe. Her scarf wraps into a feathery net head-piece that is both innovative and feminine.


Blouse, pencil skirt, slacks underneath. Business suit/jacket top left unbuttoned.


knee length sporty jacket, with belt around the waist235

one piece tunic, with dickie/turtleneck underneath to cover neck area236

one piece tunic/casual dress, long sleeve


‘The created design of the scarf is inspired by ‘Pop Art’. Pop Art was an art movement that emerged in late 1950’s in the United States. It also has the elements of modern art which is brash, young and fun. Avoiding human and animal figures in the clothing that Islam prohibits, this scarf is designed using geometric shapes with bold elements of Popular culture stylishly knotted on the side. The costume is simple yet elegant, chic and stylish and modestly covered with matching colors.’



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    • I agree! I could see myself in 222 and 227 as well. I would wear them with jeans though. 149, 233-235 would also be in my closet!!

      • omg Omg!!!!! 228, woah!!!! I want it! artist if ur are reading this, I beg you, plz, pretty plz! Let me have it.

  1. All of the ideas are beautiful. I did not know so many sisters had so much swag. May Allah bless them all with much success.

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