What is the American Hijab Design Contest?
A fashion design contest challenging designers to create an American style of hijab.
The way we generally see hijab worn in America these days is an Arab scarf style on top of American style outfits.
However, in the Victorian period, when it was generally fashionable for women to wear hats, Muslim women would adapt the style by simply adding a separate scarf around their neck, so as to be fully covered.  They did not switch the hat out for an Arab-style scarf.
We’re looking for our nation’s most creative designers to create a truly American hijab style that speaks to today’s American fashion.

**NEW COMPONENT** Due to the overwhelming response from fashionistas, we will also have a simultaneous American Hijab Style Contest.

The Style Contest  is for non-designers to present their American hijab outfits.
The Design Contest is for aspiring and established designers to present original American hijab outfit designs.

What is hijab (for the purposes of this Contest)?
The covering of everything but the hands, face, and feet in a non-formfitting and non-sheer manner.

Why should I enter?
1) In just a couple weeks, this Contest has grabbed the attention of the Wall Street Journal, San Fransisco Chronicle, and other major news outlets.
2) The $96 billion Muslim female fashion market is virtually untapped, according to Bloomberg.
3) Big designers have said they don’t know how to design for it.
4) And that’s only one part of the worldwide covered chic market. In Belgium, even women who are not Muslim have started to accessorize with hijabs.
5) This is a huge opportunity to get noticed and to find great financial success.
6) You will simultaneously help further human rights and prevent discrimination.
More and more we’re seeing covered chic looks on the streets of New York, Chicago, and LA and on top celebrities including Rihanna, Madonna, & Angelina Jolie. “Hijabi” has even hit the runways of  New York Fashion Week. This is getting huge!

What are the goals of the American Hijab Design Contest?
To come up with uniquely American hijab styles–styles that won’t prompt people to ask women who wear hijab “Where are you from?”
To help society see that hijab is as American as blue jeans
To help society see hijab as the fashion-forward style that it is
To help stop the violence, hatred, and discrimination that women who wear hijab (and all Muslims in America) face
To help make all kinds of covered chic fashion more commonplace so all women, Muslim or not, feel they can be stylish without revealing more than they want to

How can I get involved if I am not a designer?
Email us at support@americanhijabdesign.com
Consider entering the newly announced simultaneous American Hijab Style Contest!

Who can enter the Contest?
Any US residents (those under 18 need parent/guardian permission)

How can I enter the Contest?
Sign up here and read the rules under the ‘Contest’ tab.

This is about the powerful connections between high fashion and human rights.
This is about the idea that no one should feel foreign in their own homeland.
And this is about changing the world in a profound and exciting way and having fun while doing it.

Join us! It’s going to be one heck of a ride.