Style Entries


Out of over 700 images, 151 design entries, 69 style entries, over 30 designers and over 30 stylists, from both established designers and those at top design schools, both Muslim and those of other backgrounds, here are the finalists:

Suraya Mahumed, Nahda Designs
# 3
Imaan Ali, The Hijablog
# 19, 26
Yasmeen Sabir,
# 30
Yasemin Kanar, Yaz the Spaz
# 32
Sejuti Mahjabin,
# 40




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8 thoughts on “Style Entries

  1. I really love the design of scraf from number 66 thur 68, they have a good look for going out in the mid-spring looking for the early part of summer , i will buy one for my wife or girlfriend

  2. I really like pictures 63-64 because both truly capture the theme of “America”, being the cowboy and Native American. The Native American outfit seems to be well put and not just something off a store shelf.

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