Style Contest Rules

To enter, please sign up here so that we may send you updates. And please see submission guidelines below.

March 15, 2013: Submission deadline
March 2013: Finalists announced
April 2013: Winner announced

Participants are required to submit a jpg file of a photo of one complete outfit (shoes/accessories need not be included) along with Participant’s full name, phone number, address, email address, and parent/guardian form if under 18 years of age. Please specify that you’re entry is for the Style Contest.  All Entries must be received via email at by 11:59 pm CST on March 15, 2013.


The generally recognized criteria for women’s dress in Islam is that everything be covered except the hands, face, and feet in a non form-fitting and non-sheer manner—and this is the criteria we will be using for this contest.  Participants are called upon to make maximum investments of creativity, and Entries will be judged for creativity, ‘American feel’, and potential for popularity.
We are *not* looking for an Arab style scarf over American style clothing. The *key* to this Contest is that the entire outfit, haircover included, must have an American feel to it, whether that be a hat, bandana, etc. The options are limitless.
If chosen as a finalist, Participants must present the outfit. Further details and instructions will be sent to finalists.


All Entries must follow the Style Guidelines above.

All Participants must follow the Submission Guidelines above.

All Participants must be US residents.
(We would love to open this up to non-US residents, but each country has its own contest regulations, and to attempt to comply with every set of rules would cost millions in legal fees.)

All Participants must be at least 18 years of age or have parent/guardian permission.
(Please see form below)

Participants may submit more than one Entry.

Late Entries will not be accepted under any circumstances. It is the responsibility of the Participant to verify that his or her Entry was received.

Entries will be automatically disqualified from the competition if they may result in any copyright infringement or legal dispute for the judges, organizers, or sponsors.

In all matters concerning the course of the competition, including the selection of award winners and settling disputes, the decisions of the American Hijab Design Contest organizers are final and are not subject to appeal. In case of a tie, the President of the Jury will cast the deciding vote.

Participants maintain artistic ownership of their designs and productions. By the act of participating in the American Hijab Style Contest, Participants give permission to the organizers to contact and promote them and their projects through a wide range of media: press, TV, internet, mailing, advertising, exhibitions, fashion show, etc.  If a winning project is exhibited or published in any media, mention of the American Hijab Design Contest is required.  The organizers may also publish any images submitted for the American Hijab Style Contest and/or the American Hijab Design Contest.

The American Hijab Design Contest and its members, volunteers, guests, judges, sponsors, and organizers will not in any way be responsible for any accident, damage or loss of the productions or Participants’ belongings during the course of competition, including transportation and all events. It is the responsibility of the Participants to insure their submissions.

In the event the American Hijab Style Contest is suspended or terminated for any reason, the organizers, as well as the sponsors, will not be held responsible in any way.

The American Hijab Design Contest is run by ESKE LLC.


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and hereby grant him/her permission to enter the American Hijab Design Contest and/or American Hijab Style Contest.

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